Attorney Matt O'Grady has been practicing law since 1998. Throughout these many years of experience, he has managed to build an impressive portfolio of successful case results—which were achieved both in and out of the courtroom. With dozens of six-figure settlements as evidence of his skill as a litigator, it is no surprise that he makes headlines with the cases that he represents in St. Louis, MO.

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A bad faith and tortious interference suit between a motel manager and a 16-year-old who was raped in his motel has settled for $4 million.


The plaintiff was raped by two assailants at a motel after the resident-manager negligently gave the assailants a key to a vacant room and permitted them to take the victim into it, according to information provided by the plaintiff's attorney, Matthew O'Grady of the O'Grady Law Firm in St. Louis.


The motel's insurance carrier initially defended the manager under a reservation of rights, citing an exclusion for assault and battery in the policy.  The manager rejected the reservation of rights and demanded a full defense and indemnity through his personal counsel.


O'Grady was able to turn a potential settlement of $537,065 into a settlement for the plaintiff of $4 million.  Read the full article here.

More Notable Cases

$175,000 SettlementMOTOR VEHICLE COLLISIONThe victim of an accident netted a settlement of $175,000 from her uninsured motorist coverage.


Plaintiff Samantha DiMercurio was driving in St. Louis toward the intersection of Vandeventer and Tower Grove avenues in September 2007. Defendant Kenneth Latcher, 52, was trying to make a left turn onto southbound Tower Grove from Vandeventer but failed to yield to oncoming traffic, causing a two-car collision.


Minutes before the accident, Latcher drove alongside a witness, asking her to roll down her window. The witness believed the defendant was gesturing that something was wrong with her car, but when she opened the window he made cat-calls, obscene gestures and vulgar sexual suggestions, said plaintiff’s attorney Matt P. O’Grady, of O’Grady Law Firm. The witness rolled up her window, and Latcher sped off.


She saw him drive erratically and fail to yield to other cars at a green light.

After she witnessed the accident, she observed the defendant get out of his car and call DiMercurio a “bitch,” accusing her of causing the accident.


Latcher got back into his vehicle in what witnesses thought was an attempt to move it to the side of the road to avoid blocking traffic. But as DiMercurio sat pinned under the dashboard, he backed up, drove over curbs, and then fled the scene, O’Grady said.


Latcher was allegedly driving while intoxicated; witnesses reported the smell of alcohol. He was apprehended later that night in Soulard. The defendant ultimately pleaded guilty to one felony count and spent 18 days in jail, according to court records. Read the full article here.

$190,000 SettlementINSURANCE WOULDN'T PAY CLAIMA woman who said her insurance company re-fused to pay a claim for water damage to her home has settled her case for $190,000.


In May 2001, a moving company was hired to remove a refrigerator from Nicole Werther’s St. Louis County condominium and replace it with another one. The movers apparently failed to turn off the water lines and left the new refrigerator outside. Because no one was living in the house at the time, water ran throughout the house for several days before being discovered.


Werther filed a claim with her homeowner’s insurance company, the American Insurance Company. The carrier, which contended Werther’s mother had made a similar claim for water damage in the basement two years before, refused to cover the loss for more than two years.


In her lawsuit for vexatious refusal, Werther sought compensation for water and mold damage and loss of use. She also claimed the adjuster was rude and made several statements about the how she was “just trying to make money” and accused her of fraud.


The policy at issue provided full replacement coverage. Werther obtained multiple estimates to repair damage, one of which was for $183,000.


After mediation with George Fitzsimmons, the insurance company agreed to pay $190,000 to settle.  Read the full article here.


$187,500 VerdictSLIP AND FALL ACCIDENTA man who fell on a wet restaurant floor has won $187,500 in his premises liability case.


On Dec. 27, 2000, Rodney Easter and his wife were at the Alton Belle Casino. On their way home, they stopped for something to eat at St. Louis Nites, a club owned by Galloway Investments, Inc.


Rodney Easter went in to pick up a takeout order. While walking in through the front door, Easter slipped and fell after stepping on a mixture of snow, ice and water that had been tracked inside by other customers.


He claimed that the floor surface was a shiny, marble tile normally covered by large doormats that had been removed the night of the accident. Easter suffered a full tear of his rotator cuff, which required surgery.


Following the surgery, Easter experienced subacromial bursitis, which he claimed could not be treated effectively through conservative treatment. His medical expert testified that he would require additional surgery to alleviate this condition. In addition, Easter claimed that his injuries caused him to miss several months of work at Boeing Corporation, where he was employed as a sheet metal worker.


After a three-day trial, the jury returned a $250,000 verdict in favor of Easter, but allocated 25 percent fault to him. The court entered judgment of $187,500. With over $46,000 in prejudgment interest and costs, net recovery was $235,000. Read the full article here.

An online gaming site hit the jackpot with a $1.5 million judgment against a bankrupt St. Louis media company earlier this month., represented by attorney Matt O'Grady, in its June 2005 initial complaint against Third Eye, alleged the St. Louis company supplied the fledgling gambling company with faulty programming software and frequently breached its Web site hosting duties, rendering the Web site inoperable.


“The breach by Third-Eye caused the web-site to experience a catastrophic failure that temporarily destroyed and permanently disabled the business of,” the company alleged in its complaint.


After a one-day bench trial before Baker on Oct. 2, where both Brautman and Goldberg testified, the judge entered an order confirming that Third Eye “negligently caused mechanical breakdown, property damage and loss of use to computer equipment” owned by  Read the full article here.


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BAD FAITH SUIT FROM MOTEL RAPE SETTLES FOR $4 MILLION Attorney Matt O'Grady wins a bad faith and tortious interference suit between a motel manager and a 16-year-old who was raped in his motel has settled for $4 million.

GAMING DOT-COM AWAITS $1.5M PRIZE An online gaming site, represented by Attorney Matt O'Grady, hit the jackpot with a $1.5 million judgment against a bankrupt St. Louis media company earlier this month.

ATTORNEY O'GRADY WINS$190,000 SETTLEMENT, INSURANCE WOULDN'T PAY CLAIM A woman who said her insurance company refused to pay a claim for water damage to her home has settled her case for $190,000.

$187,500 VERDICT FOR SLIP AND FALL ACCIDENT A man who fell on a wet restaurant floor, represented by Matt O'Grady, has won $187,500 in his premises liability case.

WOMAN FALLS AT GAS STATION A woman who fell and broke her ankle at a service station sued for premises liability. Attorney Matt O'Grady helped her win a $11,000 settlement.

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